Thursday, August 9, 2018

Acrylic painting Adirondack Chair

Acrylic Painting by Margaret Bednar

Still a bit reserved on my details as shadows and such could be more developed, I know, but I want to stop before I mess it up.  I'll make a second one after the vacation... hopefully lounging in a scene such as this!


Pink painted toes sink into buttercream sand,
white paint flakes from Adirondack
as ocean's sapphire sweeps my skin.

Swear I'm living within a sonnet,
a poem lovely as a first kiss.

by Margaret Bednar, August 9, 2018

The line "a poem lovely as" was our departure point from Joyce Kilmer's "Trees".


Anonymous said...

just taking a moment to double over here and comment before I slip back and read more poetry ....

interesting thing about your artwork ... it has a certain energy that I find curious ... for the brushwork and colour choices ... a certain movement and of course, your own sensibility... I rather quite enjoy it :)

and shadows, yes, acrylics - working light to dark ... it can be tricky, so that you don't end up with "mud" ... no fun "mud" ... unless outside playing in puddles ... it means you have to have a clear idea of form and volume etc. well in advance ... but you're doing just fine Margaret :)

Margaret said...

Thank you for this lovely comment - I have an urge to get back "to it" and paint. That WAS the original reason I started blogging all these years ago!