Friday, February 26, 2010

Virtual Paintout - San Francisco House

Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, CA. A watercolor wash over my pen & ink drawing. I have a lot to learn about watercolor ( everything!) and was afraid to put my brush of paint to the paper! A friend of mine told me to think "Matisse, and this is the result :)

This was the preliminary sketch:

and the outline for the painting:


sreeja harikrishnan said...


aprille said...

This pink confectionary is ab fab. Love it.
How did you get from the prelim to the outline?
And what pen did you use?

Margaret said...

Thank you both. Aprille, do you know I almost threw this out? I painted it for "Virtual Paintout" and was trying for more of a coral - boy did I miss! ha. But, this is fun... I wrote a story about this once. I'll have to go dig it up and see what the Toad's think of my story telling skills.

I think I used tracing paper between the preliminary and outline .. it was awhile ago, but that is what I do to transfer a painting. I would love an overhead projector.

Thanks for commenting. I started blogging to paint. Then I started photographing to get better at composition. Then I wrote a poem to a photograph.

I will be getting back to learning to paint when my son is in kindergarten next year... my days will be my own... (I say that with kind of a sad sigh... I'll miss my baby :)